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Who are we? Michiana Laminated Products, Inc. is an organization made up of Associates who are equal to the success of fulfilling five team missions. The following missions represent the foundation of a successful relationship between our Associates, our products / services and our customers.
  1. SAFETY: The Company expects each Associate to conduct work in a manner which will not endanger the Associate or his or her coworkers. It is expected that all Associates strive to create and maintain a safe working environment for all by following the established safety procedures within the Company’s Operations Manual and OSHA, and by actively participating in the identification, reporting, and correction of hazardous situations. The safety of the Company’s Associates is the number one corporate mission. Prevention of accidental injuries and losses is part of everyday operation, and no aspect of the operation of the Company should take precedence over the safety of its Associates.
  2. QUALITY: The Company expects each Associate to maintain a perfect level of internal and external quality, participate in the identification and correction of quality issues throughout the organization, and check parts to their production orders and prints. The Company also expects Associates to provide courteous prompt replies to customer inquiries, quote requests, and purchase orders and perform all their perspective job duties in an orderly manner. Any flaw in quality shows a lack of caring, sloppiness, and poor work ethic, which leads to larger problems.
  3. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: The Company expects each Associate to maintain and reflect a positive attitude, image of quality, and image of professionalism by respecting themselves, their personal hygiene and dress, the Company’s customers, property, Team Missions, and all team members. In addition, the Company expects each Associate to take pride in their work, be a Team player when job duties are assigned, work with coworkers, and participate in the identification of procedures or equipment to improve productivity throughout the organization.
  4. COMMUNICATION: The Company expects each Associate to respectfully listen and communicate with all Team members, the Company’s customers, and vendors in an appropriate, respectful, and courteous manner. Each Associate needs to communicate by setting an example and being a leader by doing what is expected of him or her with the understanding that no one Associate is more important than another.
  5. LEAN AND GREEN ENTERPRISE: The Company expects each Associate to remain cost conscious and productive in all facets of their jobs. Associates need to understand the company’s costs in regards to labor, materials and overhead, and help minimize these factors wherever possible. In addition, the Company expects participation in the identification of procedures or equipment to eliminate waste and promote Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing throughout the organization. “ECM” focuses on minimizing adverse impacts on Associates and the environment by manufacturing with the most efficient and productive methods possible paying particular attention to efficient use of raw materials, and natural resources. Associates are expected to follow the Company’s recycling and conservation initiatives, and look for new opportunities to improve the same.

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