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EcoRoamer (2008) – In the early part of 2008 we were approached with the possibility of participating in a very interesting project involving a very interesting man by the name of Jay Shapiro. Jay had a dream of designing and building an overland vehicle to travel the world with his family with minimal impact on the environment.

If you are unfamiliar with what is meant by “over land vehicle”, and are interested, visit Within this site you will see and read about many examples of the types of vehicles modified and unmodified that these unique travelers use to find their way around the various terrain on our beautiful planet. This is a group that walks to the beat of a different drum and Jay is no different. His concept of “over landing” took his truck, the EcoRoamer, and our interior work to a whole new level. Jay requested green materials such as Plyboo for his cabinetry and Richlite for his countertops. Working with these materials is not necessarily a challenge, however, every square inch of the vehicle interior needed to be used for something so as to not waste any space which presented a whole new playing field for our Company.

Our team is very proud of our work with Jay and would like to express our everlasting gratitude to him for working with us on this project. Please enjoy the pictures of our work, and the following link to Jay and Alice’s website which describes the purpose of their foundation and the work that they hope to achieve with their team of world travelers. Safe travels to Jay and Alice, and as Jay would say – Cheers.

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