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Each Associate is expected to meet the Company’s five Team Missions individually and as a Team each and every day. In order to be successful as a whole and meet these missions, the Company believes recruiting, employing, and holding individuals accountable to the following Interpersonal Values allows for this success to be possible:
  1. Commitment Each Associate will be actively involved with the improvement of the Company as a whole. Each Associate will be motivated to perform at a high level, and be persistent and tenacious in solving everyday problems.
  2. Sustained Excellence Each Associate will display a high level of creativity and problem solving skills. They will be open and accepting of change with our customer’s needs and the continual evolvement of the Company. Every Associate will strive for simplicity and efficiency in their performance and be willing to trouble shoot any and all problems in the course of their job.
  3. Integrity Each Associate will be held accountable for their performance and interaction with other Associates. It is expected that each Associate will be honest, loyal, and freely express their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.
  4. Empathy Each Associate will be caring, patient, cooperative, and work harmoniously in a team environment.
  5. Leadership Each Associate will take risks in trying new solutions to problems, working with new materials or new methods of production. Each Associate will display confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit as they conduct business for the Company.

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